Nyttige råd om privat leasing

The car market in Denmark may seem hard to put into, as the rules are constantly adjusted in the field. Therefore, it is not always logic that determines what is most worthwhile.

Previously it was something simpler to buy a car, with private leasing was not nearly as prevalent as it is now. Previously certain your finances, you could afford to buy in cash or on installment. Today, everyone, including private, enjoy the benefits that private leasing can offer.

Previously, most companies who benefit from leasing agreements, but now the rules have been better for private motorists, which can also lease a vehicle at reasonable and competitive terms. There have also been a very clever solution on the market, called flex leasing, which makes it possible to use a leased vehicle for both professional and for private use.

This solution is brilliant for business, whether it is a sole proprietorship, or there are many employees in the company.


The advantage of flex leasing

gives you an unprecedented degree of economic freedom, which is especially handy when you can not predict the next few years of driving needs. Maybe your driving pattern changes dramatically if you get a new job, family or other relationship wasting in.

But if you are in a situation in your life that you have a permanent job, stable relationship, and you really can predict the next ridge stable driving pattern, then you are much better off to take a decision to lease or buy own car.

Perhaps you should consider the new option flex leasing, which is a smart financial alternative to the traditional leases. This method is not paid the traditional 180% registration of its registration, but you simply pay a registration fee which is shared by installments in the period in which you use the car. This registration fee is calculated, among other things from the car’s age. This is definitely an advantage becomes even greater when the car’s age exceeds 3 years.

Man saves thus a lot of capital to the purchase of the car while avoiding a greater loss of value of the car when the impairment loss will be of a much smaller amount than normal for the car’s price before registration fee.

So now you’ve got the feeling that even private drivers with a normal economy now with flex leasing can afford a luxurious Audi, which can be found here from the small A1 models up to large A6 and A8 models , which would otherwise cost over a million kr. for a private motorist. Now you might be able to afford to have an Audi both in your company and in your spare time.



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